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About Artist

Sergey Serebrennikov, Miami. 

Sergey Serebrennikov is an artist whose canvas is an enchanting fusion of retro and Art Deco. With a background in advertising, his digital prowess breathes life into illustrations and posters that grace the campaigns of diverse companies.


In 2014, Sergey's journey led him from Russia to the United States, where his creative voyage truly began. The year 2016 witnessed his triumph in the acclaimed "Art Deco Weekend’’ (Miami Beach) poster contest, a feat that established him as the festival's official artist for the years 2016, 2019-2023.

Sergey's artistic landscape extended to the iconic Art Deco Welcome Center in Miami Beach, where his posters adorned the walls. A tribute to the city's architectural marvels, his works earned him a personal exhibition at the Art Deco Museum in 2016.

Renowned for his collaborations, Sergey's talent found its niche with industry giants like Depositphotos and Playing Arts. A testament to his prowess, he graced the shortlist of the 2015 International Fine Arts Competition by Art Fusion Galleries and secured a runner-up position in the esteemed ‘’DIGITAL DECADE 2016’’ contest in London.

His accomplishments even saw him featured in the ‘’Vogue II’’ exhibition at Boomer Gallery in 2021, solidifying his presence on the international stage.

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